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Nature’s Sleep Mattress – Reviews & Comparison

Nature’s Sleep is a well-established bedding brand that is renowned for its premium memory foam mattress. Some of the most sought-after items are Glacier Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Sapphire Gel Memory Foam, Diamond Gel Memory Foam Mattress and Cayman Gel Memory Foam Mattress. The company provides 16 different mattresses made of memory foam.

Mattress Features Nature’s Rest Mattress Features

Nature’s Sleep has a wide range of sizes and comfort level, as well as feel and price. The majority of their products are multi-layer foams that have the average of twelve inches. The core is typically made up of 6 inches thick high-density foam that provides more support. The uppermost layers, typically between 2 and 3 inches, are with varying density to offer the most comfortable experience for customers.

Health Benefits

The multi-layer structure that is the basis of Nature’s Sleep mattresses provide multiple health benefits to the customers. The memory foam with gel-infused upper layers and the high densities foam in the core offer an excellent combination of comfort and support.

The memory gel layer is shaped and conforms to the your body, allowing for healthy posture and improve spinal alignment, which leads to pain relief and pressure point relief. Models with gel-infused memory foam prevents spinning and tossing by providing a cooling and a cooler mattress that eliminates sweating problems. The company also utilizes natural and sustainable materials in their construction, making an ideal choice for those suffering from allergies.


The customers are pleased with the delivery of mattresses since the mattress is shipped in a compressed, vacuum-packed form to reduce shipping costs. The mattress is immediately compressed to its maximum capacity when it is unpacked. A distinct feature that is highly loved by a majority of customers is the appearance since the style of the mattresses are elegant and appealing.

The ease of use it provides is also appreciated by clients who are damp as only a handful of customers felt like they were sleeping in a cloud. The multi-layer construction as well as the use of gel-infused memory foam offers excellent comfort and support, and adapts to the body’s movements. It is also highly rated for its potential to relieve pain and health benefits to those suffering from sweating or allergy issues.

Some customers are not happy with the use of environmentally friendly products, while others are very comfortable because of its motion-absorption capability. A few customers also discover their mattresses are quite affordable and generally happy and content with the value that the mattress offered for their money.


There aren’t many complaints concerning Nature’s Sleep which indicates their excellent quality. Some customers complained about the smell at first however, in the majority of cases it goes away within a couple of days. Some customers reported that the firmness diminished over time, however the amount of these complaints is small when compared with other brands similar to it.

Price Band

When compared with other memory foam brands, Nature’s Sleep offers mattresses with a price that is very competitive. The most luxurious model, the St. Cloud Luxe mattress is offered for $2,400 , while other mattresses are sold for less than $1000.

Lifespan and Warranty

For the majority the models they offer, they offer 20 years of warranty.

1. Nature’s Sleep Cayman Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

12-” Cayman Gel Memory Foam Mattress is made available by a renowned US bedding brand with its headquarters in the United States, Nature’s Sleep. The memory foam is made of Super Gel Technology (Super Gel Technology) with gel beads embedded with Visco memory foam to reduce excessive heat and provide back the support. The quilted top is adorned with memory foam layer for those who require a layers of comfort.

The memory layer conforms to the body and adds coolness and comfort on the skin. The essentials of the mattress are the following: 1″ quilted top, 3″ SGT memory foam, an 8″ foam core, and 350gm Rayon/Viscose/poly embossed washable and anti-microbial covers. The mattress comes in three sizes three sizes: Queen, King as well as Cal. King. Cayman Gel Memory Foam Mattress is certified by CertiPUR US and is covered by a warranty of 20 years.


A few customers who used other mattresses previously discovered this mattress to be to be a lot more comfortable. According to their feedback that the mattress is medium-firm, but provides maximum comfort when tension is put on it. Edge support is excellent and is mentioned by a few customers. Thanks to SGT and gel beads users discover Cayman Memory Foam Mattress to be a significantly cooler and less prone to heat.

Some customers liked that the mattress has a great combination of a firm the top with soft and supportive. A majority of them recommended the mattress for sleep that is comfortable and additional protection for the back. Back pain sufferers are also advised to use the savvy rest mattress and Cayman Gel Memory Foam Mattress.


While the mattress hasn’t been subject to any serious complaints from customers, they have said that it can be slow to adjust to body’s characteristics.


12″ Cayman Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a great bedding item from US company, Nature’s Sleep. It provides complete comfort and temperature control for the body. Patients with herniated discs or lower back pains recommend the mattress for maximum relaxation. In addition, insomnia also recommend this mattress. With no complaints at all against it, the 12″ Cayman Gel Memory Foam is the best option for sleeping and relaxation.


2. Nature’s Sleep Glacier Memory Foam Mattress Review

Glacier Gel Memory Foam Mattress is made available by the renowned bedding firm Nature’s Sleep. Its 12-” memory foam mattress has a moderate plushness and is a blend with SGT as well as Visco memory foam. The mattress has a unique Gel Sphere that reduces heat loss between your body and its mattress. The cover is removable and washable. It weighs 380g. is made from Tencel Natural Fiber Technology, a trademarked brand and wicks off moisture.

The foam is a great way to relieve pressure comfort , and naturally conforms to body’s temperature and weight. The entire package comprises 3.5″ gel infused memory foam, 8.5″ high density foam core, and 380g Tencel brand-named cover. It’s made available as Twin XL, Queen, King and Cal. King. It also comes with a 20-year warranty.


According to feedback from customers, this mattress provides the ideal balance of comfort and strength. Some customers stated they felt that back support offered by Glacier Memory Foam Mattress is superior to other brands of the same type. Many customers appreciated this combination gel infusion and memory foam help to maintain the temperature to provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

One customer said that the foam provides firmness and softness based on the body’s needs. For some the memory foam required only a few hours to get adjusted.


Customers reported it needs some time, at most 1 week to adjust in accordance with body’s temperature and the shape. Some of the customers complained that the mattress had some smell that lasts for a few days to disappear.


Glacier 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the name used by Nature’s Sleep. It is a wonderful combination of gel-infused technologies along with memory foam. Customers were impressed with the warmth and comfort provided through the bed. The foam could take about two weeks to provide the ideal level of comfort. It could have a slight smell at first, but it’s a great purchase overall.

3. Nature’s Sleep Sapphire Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Nature’s Sleep Sapphire Gel Memory Foam is manufactured by a well-known bedding company, Nature’s Sleep. The mattress has 1″ quilted top, made from the latest generation of latex memory foam made of visco. This 3.5″ top quality memory foam comes with Superior Gel Technology (SGT).

The high density foam has a thickness of 7.5″ wide and features an internal scrims of protection. The mattress cover, 380gm, is constructed from 20% cotton and 80 percent polyester. It is removable it has a non-skid base as well as antimicrobial. The CertiPUR US mattress comes with a 20-year warranty. It is also available in the following sizes: Cal. King Queen, King, as well as TwinXL.


A few customers rate 10/10 on quality and comfort, claiming that the mattress provides ultimate support for the shoulders and upper back. People with back pain reported Sapphire Gel Memory Foam Mattress relaxing during the night. A customer told me that he purchased the mattress and adapted to it in only 4 days. Many of the customers were impressed with the cost for the quality and preferred it over other mattresses of similar quality.

Customers loved the balanced ease of comfort, the combination of firmness and comfort offered through the mattress. Nearly all of them said that the mattress did not have any or minimal smell, which didn’t cause any irritation.


One customer complained that the mattress was uncomfortable for him. The person complained of backache due to a an accident in the car. For some , the mattress doesn’t provide any kind of comfort. Some find it to be uncomfortable as well as uncomfortable after having the mattress for more than one year.


Nature’s Sleep Sapphire Gel Memory Foam mattress is an American company that offers Gel infusion technology and premium high-quality visco memory foam. The mattress has garnered lots of favorable reviews from customers for its extra convenience and temperature regulation. However, a few customers have complained about the uncomfortableness and firmness it is an investment worth making.

Lucid 2.5 Inch Topper VS Visco2 3.0 Mattress Enhancer

The 2.5 Lucid by LinenSpa Gel Infused Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

This Topper with Removable Bamboo Cover offers a 3-year warranty if it is determined this item is defective on the part of the producer. This pad offers an outstanding ventilation system that moves air in order to provide the best temperature to achieve a restful slumber. The open cell system also creates a much more durable pad that is very consistent. The materials in this mattress pad are assured to be hypoallergenic and will alleviate, reduce or eradicate head, neck and shoulder pain aligning the spine more naturally. The bamboo cover can also be removed for cleaning.


The bamboo cover is a very high quality and the pad is placed inside prior to shipment, which takes one less step to set up upon arrival. It also inhibits the pad from slipping or sliding on the mattress for a better fit. The pad is very quick to take its full shape and usually occurs long before the 48 hour guideline that comes with the packaging. The ventilation system is truly outstanding, as the mattress remains cool even during hot, humid weather. The cover pads are durable enough to withstand the night time accidents of small children without evening showing any signs of wear.


There are spots that have a tendency to sag, rather than maintain their full spring and bounciness. Like most memory foam products, this mattress pad does tend to have an odor, which can be quite strong immediately after setting it up that can last up to several months. It might not be firm enough for some people that like a lot of support.

Decent one!

This mattress pad is an excellent option to restore or improve the current mattress without breaking the bank and does offset two concerns with memory foam, meaning heat and shape. However, it might not last as long as hoped for and is a bit on the squishy side, which many people cannot abide while sleeping. As always, include personal preference when buying this type of mattress pad.

Visco2 3.0 Ventilated Mattress Enhancer Review

The 3.0 Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Enhancer implements open cell ventilated memory foam and plant-based materials to provide an excellent evening of sleep. Visco2 is a new memory foam created by Sleep Joy that allows five times the amount of air flow to keep the body temperature regulated while at rest. It has three separate temperature controls for added flexibility and is protected by MicroSafe, a treatment that banishes odor, dust and mites. Pads with Visco2 have shown the ability to spring back into space much more swiftly than other kinds of memory foam and they also hold their firmness quite well. This product does come with a limited 2-year warranty and is made in the USA.


This mattress pad does spring back into shape very well and does not take long at all to expand to its true size which is definitely a benefit. It is very robust and resilient even after months of use. Improves the positioning of the body during sleep to alleviate joint, shoulder, head, neck and back pain. The ventilation system works extremely well.


Some purchasers felt the cut of the pad was not conducive to the best fit for their mattresses and struggled to keep it in place. The smell was once again an issue for many buyers, but that often is the nature of memory foam. The firmness isn’t quite enough for some people. The pad also does sink like many memory foam products and may not provide enough support for many. This pad will not be ideal for people that twist and turn while they sleep, as the memory foam envelops your body very quickly and could keep a person up all night.

Decent solution

This memory foam pad performs well for people seeking the comforts of memory foam without an extensive investment, but naturally there are issues that could put some people off such as the smell and the density of the foam. Also, if there is a tendency to roll during sleep buyers might look elsewhere for a different composition of memory foam.

California King versus King

California King Size Beds also known as “Western Beds” have captured the market in the recent past. They have become pretty common these days. However, they are still considered rare in comparison to standard “Eastern”, commonly known as King Size Beds. The two beds differ in features such as size, cost, usage and history. We have compiled for you a complete description of how the two beds diverge from one another with their specs and what you should consider when selecting a bed for your room.

First of all we look at the dimensional differences between the two beds. A King Size mattress is 76 inches wide and offers more width per person than a California King which offers 72 inches width. However, California King Size Bed is much longer than a King. To be precise a California King has a length of 84 inches in comparison to King’s 80 inches.

Normally a standard walking space of two feet has to be left around a bed so California King Size beds require larger rooms to preserve their luxurious outlook. These beds are more suitable for longer and narrow rooms while King Size Beds are suitable for wide rooms. Also, California King Size beds are more common for water beds than King Size beds.

Cost is an important parameter and much more important than size while purchasing a bed. User affordability is the ultimate feature of any bed. California King Size Bed is larger, therefore its material, maintenance, and finishing demand more effort and money. Its accessories such as mattresses and sheets are also rare and accordingly expensive in the market which makes the bed much more expensive than a King Size Bed.

Kingsize Beds have been common in the international market for a long time. However, California Kings were found in Luxurious Mansions in US in the early 1960s. It is recently that they have made their place in the international market on a competitive level.

Sleep Innovations 3-Inch Sculpted King Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Sleep Innovations 3-Inch Sculpted Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a product of Sleep Innovations, a popular US-based bedding brand. This 3-Inch thick sculpted SureTemp Topper offers greater airflow in comparison to a traditional memory topper. The Sculpted Mattress Topper has a reversible design that gives 2 unique surfaces to sleep.

Side 1 has sculpted SureTemp memory foam that offers added airflow with extra softness. Side 2 has Solid SureTemp memory foam which is the most modern memory foam technology.

The mattress topper offers a 10-year limited warranty, has a removable jersey knit cover. The topper’s foam is mite and allergen-proof and has a 3-pound density. The memory foam topper is available in four different sizes.


One of the customers said that this memory foam topper is a life-changing product. The customer feels more energetic and refreshed throughout the day. The customer recommends this topper to people with lower back issues.

According to one customer, the memory foam adjusts with the body and leaves no pressure point to the back. A lady who went through post-pregnancy surgery liked this topper because she didn’t experience any back or hip pain.


According to one customer, the fabric cover is quite difficult to get on the mattress, while the zipper starts down the side instead of the top. The sides of the topper seems less conforming to the customer. A customer said that its quite difficult to uncover the topper to wash it.


Sleep Innovations 3-inch Sculpted Memory Foam Mattress Topper received highly positive reviews. Customers liked memory foam technology that relieves pressure on the back. Customers with pregnancy or lower back issues trusted the product for a nice sleep at night.

On the other hand, few customers were disappointed because some of them have issues the foam and some of them find it less comforting. In general, customers recommended the product to new people.

How to Buy Mattress Online and Care it

Mattress options are growing day by day, putting people in trouble as to which one suits their requirements. Most of you who have visited mattress showrooms know that it is far too complicated to choose the best mattress. You have a range of options: firm or plush, innerspring or memory foam mattress, box spring, or platform bed. Then there are model numbers to make our job more difficult. Finally, when you tally the cost, it stretches to thousands of dollars. This is why you have several different online options to cut unnecessary costs and give you the best sleep options.

But before you read about these online services, you should know how to purchase mattresses online. These tips will help you make a better decision:

Three Things to Know Before Buying Mattress Online


To know about the performance of a particular mattress, online reviews help a great deal. In fact, most of retailers encourage customers to finalize a mattress after considering its pros and cons. Apart from the reviews, consider aggregate rating as well. Compare mattress descriptions with the customer experience and your own preferences before finalizing a mattress.


Retailers who are registered with Better Business Bureau take consumer complaints seriously. Instead of the nature of complaints, see how retailers respond and rectify them. You can also look into their Facebook and Twitter pages to see how popular they are.


What if the mattress you bought proved to be uncomfortable? Can you return it? It is highly important to check the return policy on the retailer’s website. Some retailers want you to take the mattress to the local outlet, whereas some of them arrange a pick up at your doorstep. Check whether you can claim a refund with a little deduction. Normally, there are restocking fees involved.

The benefit of Buying Mattress Online

The best thing you can get via an e-commerce store is affordable prices and highly competitive rates. But you cannot touch the mattress and feel its firmness or softness unless you buy it. To make online purchases a better option, sellers offer other benefits.

  1. You have the convenience to shop at home
  2. You will not have anyone constantly urging you to buy a certain mattress. You’re all on your own to make the best decision.
  3. You will have price benefits as well. Online mattresses normally cost 15% less than showroom mattresses. You can avoid the following costs:
    Sales Tax: you can avoid 7% tax by purchasing mattresses online
    Free Delivery: this service is more common with online retailers

Where to Buy offers cheap mattresses with prices starting from $500 (for twin mattresses). The company also offers free shipping in the U.S. and Canada. The online store also offers a 100-night trial and offers a complete refund if the customer is not satisfied. You can visit the Casper showroom in New York and Los Angeles.

Tuft & Needle is another store that offers top-quality brands and offers good prices. The online store provides a 30-night trial to its customers. The company has its showroom in Phoenix.

Some other popular options are Amazon or the manufacturer’s own website.

How to Clean Mattress From Urine?

Mattresses are way too heavy and very difficult to wash. There are times when you are faced with the task of cleaning your foam mattress and you have no idea how to go about it. Your pets or children might have inevitably pissed on your bed and you are left with the undesirable odor absorbed by the open-celled structure your mattress is made of.

One thing you should remember is that urine should be immediately cleaned off your mattress for it to avoid staining. Below are smart steps to clean off your beddings and make it retain the same appearance prior the liquid seeping in:

1. Wash the mattress with a regular laundry detergent.

You can add up a little bleach if it’s white or any color-safe bleach for the colored ones.

2. Tap dry.

Tap dry the mattress with any water-absorbent cloth or sponge to extract as much urine as possible.

3. Vinegar.

Mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of warm water and put the mixture inside a spray bottle. Shake the mixture well.

4. The positioning.

Position the mattress well so the side with urine is exposed. Spray the mixture on the exposed part. Let it stay for 5 minutes.

5. Press the excess.

Rinse the same area and press hard until all the excess water is out. Let it dry completely before putting it back for use.

These steps will not just clean your mattress. It will also kill bacteria which will likely produce critters. The process will as well remove whatever undesirable odor. Most of all, you surely have learned by now, that it is very hard and it is time-consuming to wash a mattress, so you better have your bed off-limits to children or pets without nappies. At the end of the day, you definitely do not want to go through the hassles of washing your mattress foam every now and then.


How to Choose Your Mattress

Buying a mattress is not a cakewalk especially when you have to keep one eye on luxury and the other on your backache. Things become trickier when you compare features to find your perfect match. With thousands of models in queue all showcasing luxury, elegance, comfort and affordability choosing a mattress can be one very difficult job. Obviously, you intend to use it for the next ten years so it becomes very important that you make right decision in every aspect.

Tips to Find the Right Mattress to Get Comfortable Sleep

  1. The mattress’s core is its most important part. It gives support to the body and therefore it has to be perfect. Based on user requirements, four types of supports are available.
  2. For those who yearn for a bouncy feel, the innerspring mattress is most recommended. Individually pocketed coils are interconnected and fabric-covered to reduce ripples and provide durability and support. The coils have different hardness and compressibility levels to fulfill user-required springiness. Best choice in an innerspring mattress is a firm, soft-touch mattress with a replaceable mattress pad.
  3. Memory foams are most suitable for those firm mattress lovers as they do not offer the spring feel and do not sink too much. Memory foam with a medium density of around 4 pounds per cubic foot is considered best for a comfortable sleep.
  4. Another type of mattress support is Latex which gives you similar firmness as the memory foam but also gives a springy feel. Natural latex mattresses are mold-resistant and generally expensive but they are highly durable and offer warranties up to 20 years.
  5. What could be better than a customizable mattress that fulfills all your sleeping requirements? These customizable mattresses allow firmness adjustment. A remote control allows you to adjust the amount of air inside the mattress to give your desired plushy or firm feel.
  6. Back sleepers prefer firm mattresses. Such mattresses ensure back support by providing an extra latex memory foam layer for the middle part of the body.
  7. Side sleepers should consider soft and plushy mattresses which will allow perfect body contouring and alignment. These plush mattresses take care of your pressure points and provide a cushion so that you sleep comfortably. Innersprings with soft tops are most suitable for side sleepers.
  8. For those who sleep on their tummy, heat exchange with the mattress can be a serious issue. Mattresses with efficient air ventilation and cooling technology are most suitable for such people. A dense innerspring or air-filled mattress should be seriously considered by such sleepers.
  9. A customizable mattress is best suited for those whose partners toss and turn all night. Motion absorption technology provides separation between the two sides so that you do not feel your partner moving. Such mattresses also provide independent firmness adjustment so that you and your partner sleep with the desired firmness.
  10. Fiberfill-topped innerspring mattresses are best suited for those who sleep hot. Latex and soft top mattresses can absorb body heat and turn out to be very hot. Fiberfill-topped mattresses are removable and washable.
  11. For those who are still confused with their desired features, some hybrid mattresses combine innerspring mattresses with memory foam to provide firmness and comfort. However, these hybrid mattresses are much costly.

Consider These Suggestions

Size: Mattress size is another important feature to look at. The worst feeling is to purchase a mattress that hardly fits your furniture. It is always recommended that you measure your furniture size. Also, make sure that the mattress can pass through all doors used to enter the room and only then look for ordering a mattress. It is especially important while ordering online.

Add-ons: Purchasing necessary mattress add-ons such as box springs and mattress covers can assure quality performance and it also helps extend mattress longevity. It is always a good option to purchase such add-ons.

Warranty is not important: A long-time warranty does not indicate durability. People mistake it for better quality, confidence, and comfort but at the end of the day, it is just another marketing tactic. Also, some mattresses have conditions printed in very fine text. A warranty could not be claimed if the mattress experienced a liquid spill or showed any stains. This is the reason that warranty should be the last feature to look at and the mattress should not be purchased on its basis.

Judge yourself: It is best to buy a mattress from a store near your home. Products can be best judged by the naked eye. It is recommended to experience lying down on the bed to make sure you are comfortable with each and every feature of the mattress before purchasing it. A suggestion from friends and relatives also comes in handy in such situations.

Go Online: However, if there is no store available in your locality or your local supplier does not have your desired mattress, you can always take help from the internet. There are many online stores and websites selling mattresses. These websites offer large variety of mattresses to choose from which can sometimes cause problems to the customers with their decision. It is recommended that you contact your dealer and seek their advice to fit your mattress requirements. These online stores provide a complete product overview, ordering procedure, delivery schedule, and service.

Pay attention to reviews: Customer reviews and feedbacks are available on the websites to help you with the pros and cons of a mattress and you can compare mattresses of different companies to see what suits you the best. It is better to search more than one website for reviews to ensure that the official website does not contain positive comments only. You can also share your experience of a mattress so that others can also benefit from it.

Have it for trial: Companies send their own service teams to set your bed perfectly. Many mattress companies allow a free thirty-day trial. If presented with the opportunity, make sure to avail it. Moreover, your reviews on the official website are answered by the company itself so that trust is developed between the two.

Best Memory Foam Mattress and Toppers – Designed for Total Comfort

If you find yourself tossing and turning for hours trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, memory foam mattress and toppers may just be what you needThe average mattress is basically made up of metal coil springs and covered with different cushioning layers. When new, these mattresses might seem reasonably comfortable but in time, the majority of them begin to sag and develop an uneven sleeping surface. When this starts happening, the mattress becomes very uncomfortable and denies you a good night’s rest. Undue stress is placed on various parts of your body and you start developing very noticeable aches and pains. If it takes you about two hours to loosen up in the mornings, it’s a sure sign that you do for a new memory foam mattress or topper.Best Memory Foam Mattress and Toppers

The only, sure way to ensure a good night’s sleep, is by investing in a memory foam mattress or topper. The reason why it’s sometimes referred to as “new generation miracle memory foam,” is because it’s truly something you need to experience for yourself. Memory foam mattresses are luxurious shape-shifting mattresses, designed to offer you total comfort.

Early memory foam mattresses were made of visco-elastic, a synthetic substance that was used for NASA aircraft cushions in the 1960′s. However, due to health concerns, manufacturers have moved the production process of these mattresses and toppers by using organic materials such as castor seed, latex, and other plants.

“New generation memory foam” is both very soft and energy absorbent. When applying pressure, it takes the shape of the object applying pressure. When the pressure is relieved, the mattress ‘memory’ allows it to spring back to its original shape. Memory foam mattress and toppers allow you to literally sink into bed, providing a comfortable, peaceful nights rest.

Memory foam mattresses might not be considered cheap by some. If you currently on a strict budget and would like to invest in a memory foam product, a memory foam mattress topper could just be what you looking for. The mattress toppers are very much like memory foam mattresses, but are thinner and certain layering techniques might be absent. They are laid on top of your normal mattress and will provide a remarkable difference in comfort to your normal mattress. They come in different sizes and might not be quite as luxurious as a memory foam mattress, but will offer similar comfort for a much lower cost.

Some of the benefits of memory foam mattress toppers include:

  • They reduce pressure and maximize comfort when sleeping
  • They will extend the life of a worn out mattress
  • They are the best way to fix a hard or uncomfortable mattress
  • They are very affordable

Purchasing a memory foam mattress and topper

Memory foam mattresses and toppers are easy to find from online and offline stores. However, there are several factors that you should consider before making a purchase.

These include:

The Correct Density

Check the package for the density of the foam. Cheap foam is normally 2 to 3 lb. density, mid-grade foam is 3 to 4.5 lb. density and good foam is over 4.5 lb. density. 5.3 lb. to 6.2 lb is usually considered the ideal density to sufficiently support your body. Lighter grade foam won’t support you well enough and will cease to return to its original shape after a few months.

Read the Warranty Information

When having a warranty issue, what will be required of you? Who is responsible for shipping, packaging, etc.?

Check for Customer Reviews and Rating

Unlike the crafty salesman and various mechanical laboratory tests, actual human testing and feedback often provide us with a clearer picture.

The Quality of the Foundation Layer Foam

Most memory foam mattresses are made up of two or three different density layers. A less dense memory foam topper is usually glued to the foundation layer of the higher density memory foam base. Therefore, the quality of the foundation layer of memory foam will affect the overall service life of the mattress.


Though luxurious and extremely comfortable, memory foam mattresses might be considered too expensive for some. If you can afford one, it will definitely prove to be a worthwhile investment. If you have a good quality mattress or on a budget, you may also consider buying a memory foam mattress topper.

Memory foam mattress and toppers are available at amazingly cheap and discounted prices at Amazon. You can get a topper for as little as $50 and a memory foam mattress from as little as $240.

We found Amazon to have the best prices.

Red Nomad Mattress Topper – Ultimate Memory Foam Topper with Velour Cover

The average person spends approximately 50-60 hours in bed per week, yet when it comes to investing in a good mattress or bed, clothing and other luxuries take priority. To most people, a memory foam mattress is a huge investment that can wait; but do the stiff backs and aches from sleeping on bad mattresses wait? If you have been putting off investing in a comfortable mattress due to the cost, the Red Nomad Mattress Topper is the way to go, check the complete reviews on FoamGlobes.

Red Nomad Mattress Topper - Ultimate Memory Foam Topper with Velour Cover

What is Red Nomad Mattress Topper?

A Red Nomad mattress topper is basically a memory foam mattress pad that is laid on a mattress to offer additional comfort. It is made of 100-Percent Visco Elastic Memory Foam. This material has been designed to adjust to the sleeper’s weight. It sinks upon application of pressure by the sleeper allowing the whole body to be in contact with the mattress. The whole body is cradled in the mattress enhancing support and promoting comfort when sleeping.

Why Invest in a Red Nomad Mattress Topper?

One of the major reasons why a Red Nomad mattress topper is a great addition to your bedroom is comfort. The topper can be laid out on top of your mattress. By cradling your body, it will offer you great comfort and eliminate all pressure points. This ensures that you do not get stiff backs or wake up feeling tired. It also offers amazing comfort to people recovering from muscle aches and fractures. If you are arthritic, you will benefit from the extra warmth generated by the mattress in addition to the support.

Another great reason for investing in this Red Nomad mattress topper is the cost. While most people would want to buy a memory foam mattress, fewer have the money to invest in a luxurious memory foam mattress. This should not stop you from sleeping in comfort though. The isotonic mattress topper will offer great comfort for a fraction of the cost. It is made of the same material as the memory foam mattress and as such, will be just as durable as the memory foam mattress.

The Best Red Nomad Mattress Topper

Choosing a Red Nomad mattress topper depends purely on your needs and budget. The toppers come in many different sizes that correspond to the usual bed sizes such as: single, double, queen-sized, and king-sized. Their thicknesses also vary and you can choose a comfortable thickness within your budget.Best Red Nomad Mattress Topper

One of the most revolutionary Red Nomad mattress pad is the Isotonic Ultimate Memory Foam Topper. It is a two-inch thick twin sized memory topper made purely of Visco Elastic Memory Foam. It comes in a velour zipped cover that can be easily unzipped and dry cleaned. At only $76.10, this product can seriously change your sleeping experience.

If you have been waking up with a stiff back in the mornings due to an uncomfortable or worn-out mattress, investing in a Red Nomad mattress topper is the best known, budget-friendly way, to improve your comfort at night.

Product Description

Red Nomad is America’s most trusted brand name in memory foam. They provide the finest comfort products in the world. Driven by advancements in research and comfort technology, their premium memory foam adjusts to the shape of your body to dramatically reduce pressure, which ensures a deeper, more restorative sleep. The ultimate Red Nomad mattress topper quickly responds to your shape and position and allows you to relax naturally. It evenly distributes your body weight, dramatically reducing pressure for natural spinal alignment. It dramatically reduces tossing and turning while sleeping, allowing you to have a deeper, more restorative sleep.


  • Red Nomad is Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Evenly distributes body weight, dramatically reducing pressure for natural spinal alignment
  • Helps to reduce tossing and turning while you sleep
  • 100-Percent Visco Elastic Memory Foam
  • Velour zippered cover

Product Details

    • Product Dimensions: 72 x 34 x 2 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 10.7 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
    • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
    • Origin: USA
    • Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
    • ASIN: B003IHU9VC
    • Item model number: 31374529521


Memory Foam Mattress Topper by Sleep Innovations

Product Details

    • Product Dimensions: 80 x 39 x 2 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 12.8 pounds
    • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
    • Origin: USA
    • Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
    • ASIN: B002NEG15E
    • Item model number: F-TOP-10985-TX-WHT


This 2-inch memory foam mattress topper ensures optimal, refreshing sleep. The memory foam mattress topper enhances personal comfort and support from head to toe. Responding to your body weight and temperature, the memory foam molds around your body. By hugging the curves of your body rather than pushing against them, the topper relieves pressure points for increased blood circulation and keeps your spine perfectly aligned. Additionally, memory foam minimizes motion transfer. A great compromise to a purchasing a new mattress, the topper can be used on top of either an innerspring or memory foam mattress.

Sleep Innovations mattress topper

The memory foam mattress topper is made from 100-percent polyurethane memory foam which has a 3-pound density. To optimize air circulation and regulate surface temperature, the mattress topper includes patented open-cell technology. An antimicrobial finish on the topper deflects mold and mildew while the memory foam’s hypoallergenic nature provides comfort for those that have allergies. The item is vacuum packed for compact shipping, so you will need to unpack the topper in a well-ventilated area and allow up to 72 hours for full expansion.

Sleep Innovations manufactures its memory foam mattresses, toppers, and pillows in the USA. A limited ten-year warranty covers this topper. It measures 80 inches in length, 39 inches wide and 2 inches high.

From the manufacturer

Say Good-Bye to uncomfortable beds and Hello to a great night’s sleep with this Memory Foam 2.0-inch Mattress Topper.

Back To School topper fits any Twin size bed. High-density Memory Foam topper cushions your body while smoothing out the bumps often experienced with conventional spring mattresses. Easy to transport, this topper gives you the comfort you need for a better night’s sleep….anywhere, anytime.

Lightweight Memory Foam sits right on top of your mattress giving you extra support and comfort.

Memory Foam reduces pressure points by evenly distributing your body weight across its surface. The push-back pressure, (shown in red) experienced with conventional innerspring mattresses, is virtually eliminated with Memory Foam.

The Sleep Innovations Back To School 2.0-inch memory foam topper comes rolled up and vacuum packed in a box. Simply open the packaging and spread the topper out on your sleeping surface. Your topper will expand quickly so you can get the great night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming about.

Back To School 2.0-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Easy To Transport

Relief From Pressure Points Product comes with a limited 10-year warranty. Made in the U.S.A.

Product Description

Thick and luxurious 2-inch memory foam mattress topper cradles your entire body with exceptional head-to-toe support. Premium memory foam molds to your body contours for superior personalized comfort. It also distributes your body weight evenly, creating a pressure-free environment that eases tension. High-density memory foam offers greater therapeutic support and improves blood circulation.

Hofish 12-inch Sure Temp Queen Size Mattress

Product Details

Size: Queen

    • Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 12 inches
    • Shipping Weight: 93.9 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
    • Shipping: Currently, the item can be shipped only within the U.S.
    • Origin: USA
    • Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
    • ASIN: B003CT37L0
    • Item model number: M-MAT-42030-QN-WHT

Product Description

Hofish truly provides you with a premium memory foam mattress. The comfort and superior therapeutic benefits are of great value. Now you can rest in total comfort with this deep and responsive 12-inch memory foam mattress.hofish memory foam mattress

The 2.5-inch top layer of Sure Temp memory foam is temperature-sensitive and therefore it responds to your body temperature by molding itself to the shape of your body. It provides you with all the benefits of a traditional memory foam mattress but also has the added benefit of a comfortable sleeping temperature. The unique, patented formulation and manufacturing process offers improved airflow for a cooler night’s sleep.

Unlike many other foam types and sleeping surfaces that resist pressure and thereby create pressure points on the body, the 9.5-inch base layer of high-quality memory foam provides a supportive sleep surface that disperses your weight evenly, completely relieving pressure points.

The mattress measures 80 inches long, 60-inches wide, and 12-inches high.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars.


Acquiring the Best Portable Generator

The Best Brand of Portable Generator  – 


In case you are in search for a small portable generator, you should have a number of options to choose from. You can easily visit a home improvement store to check the available generators. Another option is to check stores that specialize on generators only. Nevertheless, the best option right now is to check the available options online. Finding cost effective options is essential in life as well as selecting a portable generator. If you are going to look and buy one, there are certain considerations to bear in mind.

Initially, consider first if you only want a portable generator or a bigger one such as a diesel generator. If you want to utilize your generator at home, work or camping, make sure you will choose the right one for your needs. The brand is also an important consideration during the selection process. In case you live in an area where power shortage is common, you will surely appreciate the power provided by the generator. Areas where high winds, snow storms and thunderstorms regularly occur will surely experience power shortage more often, but they are likely to occur in any location. Once power shortages occur for hours or days, it can drastically affect homeowners and businesses.

The noise produced by the generator has a big role. If your generator is built with a large muffler, the amount of noise produced is minimized which is an advantage if it is running once there is a power shortage. There are certain explanations you should bear in mind why a dependable generator is preferred by individuals faced with an urgent scenario. Primarily, the generator is easy to use. Second, it can be depended on in case of problems. Lastly, the generators by Honda were able to withstand the test of time by being highly durable. Additionally, the electricity produced is safe and high in quality. It simply means that you can easily connect office equipment and have peace of mind knowing that your hardware is safe and free from harmful electrical currents.

One morning, we went on sightseeing and left the car exposed to direct sunlight when the battery became flat. Fortunately, the Yamaha portable generator was used to charge the battery which was definitely a blessing. Always bear in mind that depending on the kind of generator you have chosen, whether a portable or a standby generator should be chosen carefully. Take note that generators are not cheap. In case you have chosen the wrong one, you might not be able to easily buy a new one or exchange it.

When discussing with a qualified sales representative, always make sure that you have informed them what you truly need. In doing so, they can find the right generator for your needs. If you are only going to use the generator for emergency backup, make sure that it will not bother your neighbors. For a quiet generator, you should look for those that only produce 65 decibels. Levels higher than that are already considered noisy. If you are comparing generators, take note that the TG72K12 includes a good history which makes it the ideal choice. Once this is combined using the ETQ pedigree for design and manufacturing the perfect generators in the market, you will gain a substantial and high quality power resource.

Make it a point to conduct an analysis on the type of generator that you need as well as the features that you consider useful. The shopping process should maintain objectivity so that the decision making process will be a lot easier. With the transfer switch, it must be comprised of several circuits. By working hand in hand with an electrician, every circuit can be assigned to another load. In doing so, it will provide you with efficient control on the usage as well as prolonging the potency of the portable generator. Once the utility power is out, all you have to do is to plug your generator to the transfer switch, start it up and flip the transfer switch in the utility position in the direction of the generator position.

For example, if you are utilizing the Kodak Playtouch camcorder when camping outdoors, you might be moving from one location to another. With this in mind, it is imperative that a lightweight generator is needed. Additionally, you should look for one that is fuel efficient, quiet and emission-friendly. You do not want to destroy the tranquility of the outdoors due to your noisy generator that is producing emissions. Do not forget that the electricity produced by a portable generator is measured in watts and voltage. During the selection process, initially check the voltage that you need. In doing so, it will make the selection process easier as well as finding the right generator that can provide you with adequate wattage for your specific needs.

Portability simply means easy handling and transporting. This is the reason why many consumers prefer a portable generator. Aside from that, it can work the same way just like with the large-sized generators. Take note that a generator with a Honda motor features an 8 gallon tank for a longer run time as well as easier to transport with the help of the pneumatic wheels. Additionally, it is also built with a muffler to minimize the noise, thus making it ideal for work sites and public spaces.

Always check the background of the manufacturer in developing engines. In most cases, the manufacturers of engines are not similar with the manufacturers of generators. Even still, you should be sure that the different components as well as engine components are built with a proven record of dependability. If you have purchased your personal portable generator or rented one, your initial concern is to make sure that it stays outside in a properly ventilated area. This is due to the fact that carbon monoxide is produced, thus it will not enter your house.

My Personal Ozeri 3d Pedometer Review with Video

I first used a pedometer when I suffered health problems the past year. It was a wrist watch version, good design, but not that user-friendly. Ozeri sent me a wrist watch pedometer although I don’t remember what model it was. As I unboxed it, I was so amazed to see a 4×3 Motion version in a bright yellow color. Yet you can also find a more subtle black at Amazon.

Because of my current health issues, this review does not directly involve increased step and calorie counting. Ozeri knows about it, however, I stressed out that I am anticipating interesting changes once I integrate workouts to my daily routine again. But note, from here on, all words are based on my opinion, nothing else.

I’m sure that nowadays more people are aware what a good pedometer is. And I’m also sure that many individuals are using it or have used it. Some might be aware too of the 10,000 steps per day recommendation for healthier lifestyle.

This pedometer that I used is small, which you can easily store in your pocket. It has a neck strap too. So if you don’t want any other thing in your pocket other than your mobile phone or hanky, you can hang it around your neck, which is what I am doing. This is also a clever stuff, as I may find it. Basically, pedometers stop when you stop, but this device has more to it. You don’t have to restart it when you start moving again. Pretty easier, right.

However it’s kind of different when you go to sleep. I take note of the steps I made before going to bed. By the next morning, I find the device is reset to zero. This absolutely makes things easier for me!

I took measures in making my walking pretty exciting. So I set up a challenge for myself – increasing my number of steps per day. I even made sure it’s higher than my lowest count the previous week. This really kept me motivated.

I still haven’t reached the 10,000 level though. My best so far was 7,445 steps and my average is around 3,000 to 4,000 steps. Just so frustrated to find out on Crufts that I did almost 14,000 steps for a day! I know, I’m going to hit it soon!

As for setting up the device, you can find a little booklet that tells you the procedures on how to operate the pedometer (see the site I had a hard time during the set-up and entering my weight. It is also troublesome when you want to change the used unit of measurement. When you change from metric to imperial measurements, the process clears all data stored. So you will have to start over again.

I still haven’t checked all the functions though, but so far, I am impressed with this small gadget. I think I will spend more walking. I’m just a little surprised that with its cheaper price, it can match with those expensive products. I know this since I once used an expensive one. This is a keeper baby! So much more because of its 3D Tri-Axis Sensor.

Finding the Best Gardening Tools for Your Project

Gardening is a ideal hobby. Gardening is moreover how thousands of individuals support themselves and their families. Gardening is something that anybody may enjoy and be proficient at. It’s possible for people to make perfect gardens, even if they don’t believe they have a talent for gardening. All it takes is some time, some knowledge and the right tools. It’s a acknowledged truth! Utilizing the correct garden tools will turn a disappointing garden into a perfect garden. What are the appropriate tools, and how will you tell? Keep reading to discover about some simple tools that will assist you on your successful gardening journey.

A see to your nearby garden center will give you a plethora of shiny garden tools to look at, in addition to numerous different types of machines and equipment. However, the first item you will want for gardening is a good pair of gloves. A lot of gardening is done with your hands, and a good pair of gloves will keep your hands protected and safe from injury and other kinds of harm. The information for your garden gloves should be strong so it may withstand the utilization they’re put to, but they furthermore should be flexible so you can move your fingers conveniently and control what you are doing. If they are too bulky, they can only be an obstruction to your function.

Have you heard of a chipping hoe? This is a remarkable tool to have. Why you want 1 of these is to get at little weeds. If you actually want the weeds to stay away, you have to attack the origins. If you pull the weeds, they might come back. Using a chipping hoe, you can get at them directly. The smaller ones are moreover really valuable to get into regions that your fingers cannot. This really is where the chipping hoe comes in handy.

One item that can be fairly beneficial to your garden is a compost bin. Compost bins have been a piece of garden schemes for a extremely extended time, but has only newly been fashionable. Composting is a dual purpose venture because you will not only be creating fertilizer for your garden, but will moreover be making positive utilize of waste. Most all untreated waste can be utilized in your compost bin, with the exception of meat. Once the composting components have been reduced to a lesser form; they are prepared for use.

You need a lot of different things when you’re ready to commence your garden. Included in the products you need are adequate, and appropriate, gardening tools. If you don’t have any gardening experience, it is actually rather confusing to learn precisely what you need. However, don’t allow yourself be overwhelmed. You might shortly understand – with experience – the gardening tools that are truly helpful.

If you desire to get the most from your work, then it is very a should to learn all you are able to. Most really can not discover the time, and they feel at a loss for what to do.