Book title: GatorAuthor: Bijou HunterGenre: Contemporary romance standaloneRelease date: February 25, 2014


My scars terrify most people, but she views me as the sun, shining light into the darkness of her past. I am a killer, yet gave her life. She is mine and I dare anyone to stand in my way.


I am nobody until Gator sees me through the scope of his rifle. My life is suffering and violence, but he offers redemption. I am his and I dare anyone to keep us apart.

This is my first Bijou Hunter book and though I don’t regret reading it, the writing style is somewhat…odd.I felt like the author didn’t mean for certain things to be entertaining and funny, but because of the weak execution of events, I did indeed find almost everything to be highly amusing and the love scenes came off as creepy and pedophilic in nature. It could be that the short length of the story was a factor for the undeveloped characters and plot, but I just don’t know.

The book begins with merciless and trained assassin Gator who is ordered to kill Mia and her rat bastard of a father. On first glance, Gator has this primal need to make Mia his so he doesn’t kill her, just her dad. The story then progresses with how Gator and Mia grow closer and closer in terms of their new relationship while Gator plots to kill his employer since he knows he won’t be satisfied seeing Mia still alive.

Okay well this is where things didn’t go as I’d thought. For starters, Mia is kinda…wacked up in the head.
“She just lost oxygen to her brain for a while and it made her dumb. No harm. She can still do the important stuff.”
“Important stuff” meaning being a pimp. Okay so that explanation for Mia’s slow personality is a little ludicrous in the context of the story. Another contention that made me laugh instead of being pensive or serious were the character names.
Flame: Mentor nameGator: Hero name, then changed it to JakeIdget Gidget: Heroine name, then changed it to MiaRodent: Heroine’s dad

Because of Mia’s stunted nature, she was often portrayed as a child-like person. She carried around a doll, and Gator often referred to her as a child stuck in a woman’s body. With all that in mind, it was really hard for me to not imagine Gator as a pedophile when he’s always described as rock hard around Mia and wants to fuck her…the love scenes weren’t hot at all and the possessive attitude he had I couldn’t justify. It seemed like he fell in love with her at first sight since there wasn’t much development on that front.
Anyways, I’ve been told that the better Bijou Hunter works are her Damaged and the Beast series so I’m not completely put off by her yet…on the last note:
1 star for effort and 1.5 for at least making me laugh. I think if you’re even a little bit intrigued you should check it out. For a $.99 read, it was pretty entertaining.