California King versus King

California King Size Beds also known as “Western Beds” have captured the market in the recent past. They have become pretty common these days. However, they are still considered rare in comparison to standard “Eastern”, commonly known as King Size Beds. The two beds differ in features such as size, cost, usage and history. We have compiled for you a complete description of how the two beds diverge from one another with their specs and what you should consider when selecting a bed for your room.

First of all we look at the dimensional differences between the two beds. A King Size mattress is 76 inches wide and offers more width per person than a California King which offers 72 inches width. However, California King Size Bed is much longer than a King. To be precise a California King has a length of 84 inches in comparison to King’s 80 inches.

Normally a standard walking space of two feet has to be left around a bed so California King Size beds require larger rooms to preserve their luxurious outlook. These beds are more suitable for longer and narrow rooms while King Size Beds are suitable for wide rooms. Also, California King Size beds are more common for water beds than King Size beds.

Cost is an important parameter and much more important than size while purchasing a bed. User affordability is the ultimate feature of any bed. California King Size Bed is larger, therefore its material, maintenance, and finishing demand more effort and money. Its accessories such as mattresses and sheets are also rare and accordingly expensive in the market which makes the bed much more expensive than a King Size Bed.

Kingsize Beds have been common in the international market for a long time. However, California Kings were found in Luxurious Mansions in US in the early 1960s. It is recently that they have made their place in the international market on a competitive level.

Sleep Innovations 3-Inch Sculpted King Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Sleep Innovations 3-Inch Sculpted Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a product of Sleep Innovations, a popular US-based bedding brand. This 3-Inch thick sculpted SureTemp Topper offers greater airflow in comparison to a traditional memory topper. The Sculpted Mattress Topper has a reversible design that gives 2 unique surfaces to sleep.

Side 1 has sculpted SureTemp memory foam that offers added airflow with extra softness. Side 2 has Solid SureTemp memory foam which is the most modern memory foam technology.

The mattress topper offers a 10-year limited warranty, has a removable jersey knit cover. The topper’s foam is mite and allergen-proof and has a 3-pound density. The memory foam topper is available in four different sizes.


One of the customers said that this memory foam topper is a life-changing product. The customer feels more energetic and refreshed throughout the day. The customer recommends this topper to people with lower back issues.

According to one customer, the memory foam adjusts with the body and leaves no pressure point to the back. A lady who went through post-pregnancy surgery liked this topper because she didn’t experience any back or hip pain.


According to one customer, the fabric cover is quite difficult to get on the mattress, while the zipper starts down the side instead of the top. The sides of the topper seems less conforming to the customer. A customer said that its quite difficult to uncover the topper to wash it.


Sleep Innovations 3-inch Sculpted Memory Foam Mattress Topper received highly positive reviews. Customers liked memory foam technology that relieves pressure on the back. Customers with pregnancy or lower back issues trusted the product for a nice sleep at night.

On the other hand, few customers were disappointed because some of them have issues the foam and some of them find it less comforting. In general, customers recommended the product to new people.