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My Personal Ozeri 3d Pedometer Review with Video

I first used a pedometer when I suffered health problems the past year. It was a wrist watch version, good design, but not that user-friendly. Ozeri sent me a wrist watch pedometer although I don’t remember what model it was. As I unboxed it, I was so amazed to see a 4×3 Motion version in a bright yellow color. Yet you can also find a more subtle black at Amazon.

Because of my current health issues, this review does not directly involve increased step and calorie counting. Ozeri knows about it, however, I stressed out that I am anticipating interesting changes once I integrate workouts to my daily routine again. But note, from here on, all words are based on my opinion, nothing else.

I’m sure that nowadays more people are aware what a good pedometer is. And I’m also sure that many individuals are using it or have used it. Some might be aware too of the 10,000 steps per day recommendation for healthier lifestyle.

This pedometer that I used is small, which you can easily store in your pocket. It has a neck strap too. So if you don’t want any other thing in your pocket other than your mobile phone or hanky, you can hang it around your neck, which is what I am doing. This is also a clever stuff, as I may find it. Basically, pedometers stop when you stop, but this device has more to it. You don’t have to restart it when you start moving again. Pretty easier, right.

However it’s kind of different when you go to sleep. I take note of the steps I made before going to bed. By the next morning, I find the device is reset to zero. This absolutely makes things easier for me!

I took measures in making my walking pretty exciting. So I set up a challenge for myself – increasing my number of steps per day. I even made sure it’s higher than my lowest count the previous week. This really kept me motivated.

I still haven’t reached the 10,000 level though. My best so far was 7,445 steps and my average is around 3,000 to 4,000 steps. Just so frustrated to find out on Crufts that I did almost 14,000 steps for a day! I know, I’m going to hit it soon!

As for setting up the device, you can find a little booklet that tells you the procedures on how to operate the pedometer (see the site I had a hard time during the set-up and entering my weight. It is also troublesome when you want to change the used unit of measurement. When you change from metric to imperial measurements, the process clears all data stored. So you will have to start over again.

I still haven’t checked all the functions though, but so far, I am impressed with this small gadget. I think I will spend more walking. I’m just a little surprised that with its cheaper price, it can match with those expensive products. I know this since I once used an expensive one. This is a keeper baby! So much more because of its 3D Tri-Axis Sensor.