About Us


We have been present on the market for  over twenty years  in the construction sector with particular attention to  green building  and eco-sustainability 
Our natural company evolution has led us to search for innovative solutions for the home, in particular in the most suitable systems for energy saving.

So, for years we have dedicated ourselves to photovoltaics with hundreds of installations in the Triveneto area, always as a partner of leading brands producing panels such as SCHUKO and SOLON and using anchoring materials from leading brands such as FISCHER and WURTH. 

The certification of partners by the main producers on the market, qualifies our professionalism in the execution of the headings guaranteeing the end customer on the work performed and on the material used, providing it with a package of guarantees that must last over time.

The evolution of government subsidies aimed at energy saving makes us your ideal partner for the ENERGY REQUALIFICATION OF YOUR BUILDING, in addition to photovoltaic , solar , thermal and heat pumps we realize works of insulation , roof reconstruction , perimeter insulation and quant other necessary to REDUCE SUBSTANTIALLY THE ENERGY CONSUMPTION of your property.