This is a mid-book review of The Tied Man and hopefully helps explain my feelings about the story more. This is spoiler-free.

Everyone knows I’m a dark reader. I don’t know what exactly about this genre that fascinates me but I know that I’m irrevocably immersed in these reads and can’t get enough of them. Naturally, The Tied Man fell under this category and I couldn’t wait to start it. Except….I didn’t.You know the feeling where you have this book for the longest time, a book that has the stamp of approval from most, if not all, your close reading friends and you get it but there’s just something there stopping you from opening it and reading? That kind of feeling? Well that’s what happened with The Tied Man and I just knew (without even reading the reviews) that I had to be in a certain mood for this book to click with me. It’s been almost a year since I’ve had it and just a couple of days ago, I felt this urge to read it. I felt ready. So I started it and this happened:

I’ll admit it…I’m stumped. This is probably the first time I picked up a dark read and can’t decide if my feelings are positive/negative. I don’t even think I like this book. I mean, for one…the British (I think it’s British) slang and dialogue threw me off course so many times I lost count. I put down the book a number of times over the last 3 days yet there’s this urge (or OCD lol) that forces me to continue. I like the characters but do I love them? Feel for them? Connect with them? No. There are a few times my heart twinged and felt bad for a certain character but for the most part? I don’t freaking care. From what I’ve read so far (around the 51% mark) nothing about the book is dark. Perhaps I hyped it up in my mind too much. And I’m constantly asking myself this question: why am I so emotionally detached from everything? I only just passed the halfway mark so not making any projections yet, but this book is definitely not for everyone. Even with me meticulously waiting for the right moment to read this I’m still feeling iffy about it. Nevertheless, I can’t find it in myself to DNF the book so we shall see about the second half of the story.To be continued…