That thing is the energy photovoltaic?

Photovoltaic energy is the direct conversion of solar energy into electricity through solar cells.

How does the photovoltaic cell work ?

When a solar cell is irradiated by light, a voltage is generated between the side facing the light and the opposite side. If the electrical circuit is closed, an electric current flows. (Source: DGS)

Since such components is made up of plant PV?

The basic unit of a PV system is the solar module. Several modules are connected to a solar generator. The generator supplies direct current, so you still need an inverter (inverter), which converts direct current into alternating current. In this way the current can normally be used. The current is coupled to the public electricity grid by a counter.

From which it is made module?

The main part of the modules are solar cells. By connecting several of these cells to each other a form is formed. Finally, the module is laminated with two layers of plastic (EVA) and framed with a glass cover and a tedlar back panel.