How to Buy Mattress Online and Care it

Mattress options are growing day by day, putting people in trouble as to which one suits their requirements. Most of you who have visited mattress showrooms know that it is far too complicated to choose the best mattress. You have a range of options: firm or plush, innerspring or memory foam mattress, box spring, or platform bed. Then there are model numbers to make our job more difficult. Finally, when you tally the cost, it stretches to thousands of dollars. This is why you have several different online options to cut unnecessary costs and give you the best sleep options.

But before you read about these online services, you should know how to purchase mattresses online. These tips will help you make a better decision:

Three Things to Know Before Buying Mattress Online


To know about the performance of a particular mattress, online reviews help a great deal. In fact, most of retailers encourage customers to finalize a mattress after considering its pros and cons. Apart from the reviews, consider aggregate rating as well. Compare mattress descriptions with the customer experience and your own preferences before finalizing a mattress.


Retailers who are registered with Better Business Bureau take consumer complaints seriously. Instead of the nature of complaints, see how retailers respond and rectify them. You can also look into their Facebook and Twitter pages to see how popular they are.


What if the mattress you bought proved to be uncomfortable? Can you return it? It is highly important to check the return policy on the retailer’s website. Some retailers want you to take the mattress to the local outlet, whereas some of them arrange a pick up at your doorstep. Check whether you can claim a refund with a little deduction. Normally, there are restocking fees involved.

The benefit of Buying Mattress Online

The best thing you can get via an e-commerce store is affordable prices and highly competitive rates. But you cannot touch the mattress and feel its firmness or softness unless you buy it. To make online purchases a better option, sellers offer other benefits.

  1. You have the convenience to shop at home
  2. You will not have anyone constantly urging you to buy a certain mattress. You’re all on your own to make the best decision.
  3. You will have price benefits as well. Online mattresses normally cost 15% less than showroom mattresses. You can avoid the following costs:
    Sales Tax: you can avoid 7% tax by purchasing mattresses online
    Free Delivery: this service is more common with online retailers

Where to Buy offers cheap mattresses with prices starting from $500 (for twin mattresses). The company also offers free shipping in the U.S. and Canada. The online store also offers a 100-night trial and offers a complete refund if the customer is not satisfied. You can visit the Casper showroom in New York and Los Angeles.

Tuft & Needle is another store that offers top-quality brands and offers good prices. The online store provides a 30-night trial to its customers. The company has its showroom in Phoenix.

Some other popular options are Amazon or the manufacturer’s own website.

How to Clean Mattress From Urine?

Mattresses are way too heavy and very difficult to wash. There are times when you are faced with the task of cleaning your foam mattress and you have no idea how to go about it. Your pets or children might have inevitably pissed on your bed and you are left with the undesirable odor absorbed by the open-celled structure your mattress is made of.

One thing you should remember is that urine should be immediately cleaned off your mattress for it to avoid staining. Below are smart steps to clean off your beddings and make it retain the same appearance prior the liquid seeping in:

1. Wash the mattress with a regular laundry detergent.

You can add up a little bleach if it’s white or any color-safe bleach for the colored ones.

2. Tap dry.

Tap dry the mattress with any water-absorbent cloth or sponge to extract as much urine as possible.

3. Vinegar.

Mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of warm water and put the mixture inside a spray bottle. Shake the mixture well.

4. The positioning.

Position the mattress well so the side with urine is exposed. Spray the mixture on the exposed part. Let it stay for 5 minutes.

5. Press the excess.

Rinse the same area and press hard until all the excess water is out. Let it dry completely before putting it back for use.

These steps will not just clean your mattress. It will also kill bacteria which will likely produce critters. The process will as well remove whatever undesirable odor. Most of all, you surely have learned by now, that it is very hard and it is time-consuming to wash a mattress, so you better have your bed off-limits to children or pets without nappies. At the end of the day, you definitely do not want to go through the hassles of washing your mattress foam every now and then.