How to Choose Your Mattress

Buying a mattress is not a cakewalk especially when you have to keep one eye on luxury and the other on your backache. Things become trickier when you compare features to find your perfect match. With thousands of models in queue all showcasing luxury, elegance, comfort and affordability choosing a mattress can be one very difficult job. Obviously, you intend to use it for the next ten years so it becomes very important that you make right decision in every aspect.

Tips to Find the Right Mattress to Get Comfortable Sleep

  1. The mattress’s core is its most important part. It gives support to the body and therefore it has to be perfect. Based on user requirements, four types of supports are available.
  2. For those who yearn for a bouncy feel, the innerspring mattress is most recommended. Individually pocketed coils are interconnected and fabric-covered to reduce ripples and provide durability and support. The coils have different hardness and compressibility levels to fulfill user-required springiness. Best choice in an innerspring mattress is a firm, soft-touch mattress with a replaceable mattress pad.
  3. Memory foams are most suitable for those firm mattress lovers as they do not offer the spring feel and do not sink too much. Memory foam with a medium density of around 4 pounds per cubic foot is considered best for a comfortable sleep.
  4. Another type of mattress support is Latex which gives you similar firmness as the memory foam but also gives a springy feel. Natural latex mattresses are mold-resistant and generally expensive but they are highly durable and offer warranties up to 20 years.
  5. What could be better than a customizable mattress that fulfills all your sleeping requirements? These customizable mattresses allow firmness adjustment. A remote control allows you to adjust the amount of air inside the mattress to give your desired plushy or firm feel.
  6. Back sleepers prefer firm mattresses. Such mattresses ensure back support by providing an extra latex memory foam layer for the middle part of the body.
  7. Side sleepers should consider soft and plushy mattresses which will allow perfect body contouring and alignment. These plush mattresses take care of your pressure points and provide a cushion so that you sleep comfortably. Innersprings with soft tops are most suitable for side sleepers.
  8. For those who sleep on their tummy, heat exchange with the mattress can be a serious issue. Mattresses with efficient air ventilation and cooling technology are most suitable for such people. A dense innerspring or air-filled mattress should be seriously considered by such sleepers.
  9. A customizable mattress is best suited for those whose partners toss and turn all night. Motion absorption technology provides separation between the two sides so that you do not feel your partner moving. Such mattresses also provide independent firmness adjustment so that you and your partner sleep with the desired firmness.
  10. Fiberfill-topped innerspring mattresses are best suited for those who sleep hot. Latex and soft top mattresses can absorb body heat and turn out to be very hot. Fiberfill-topped mattresses are removable and washable.
  11. For those who are still confused with their desired features, some hybrid mattresses combine innerspring mattresses with memory foam to provide firmness and comfort. However, these hybrid mattresses are much costly.

Consider These Suggestions

Size: Mattress size is another important feature to look at. The worst feeling is to purchase a mattress that hardly fits your furniture. It is always recommended that you measure your furniture size. Also, make sure that the mattress can pass through all doors used to enter the room and only then look for ordering a mattress. It is especially important while ordering online.

Add-ons: Purchasing necessary mattress add-ons such as box springs and mattress covers can assure quality performance and it also helps extend mattress longevity. It is always a good option to purchase such add-ons.

Warranty is not important: A long-time warranty does not indicate durability. People mistake it for better quality, confidence, and comfort but at the end of the day, it is just another marketing tactic. Also, some mattresses have conditions printed in very fine text. A warranty could not be claimed if the mattress experienced a liquid spill or showed any stains. This is the reason that warranty should be the last feature to look at and the mattress should not be purchased on its basis.

Judge yourself: It is best to buy a mattress from a store near your home. Products can be best judged by the naked eye. It is recommended to experience lying down on the bed to make sure you are comfortable with each and every feature of the mattress before purchasing it. A suggestion from friends and relatives also comes in handy in such situations.

Go Online: However, if there is no store available in your locality or your local supplier does not have your desired mattress, you can always take help from the internet. There are many online stores and websites selling mattresses. These websites offer large variety of mattresses to choose from which can sometimes cause problems to the customers with their decision. It is recommended that you contact your dealer and seek their advice to fit your mattress requirements. These online stores provide a complete product overview, ordering procedure, delivery schedule, and service.

Pay attention to reviews: Customer reviews and feedbacks are available on the websites to help you with the pros and cons of a mattress and you can compare mattresses of different companies to see what suits you the best. It is better to search more than one website for reviews to ensure that the official website does not contain positive comments only. You can also share your experience of a mattress so that others can also benefit from it.

Have it for trial: Companies send their own service teams to set your bed perfectly. Many mattress companies allow a free thirty-day trial. If presented with the opportunity, make sure to avail it. Moreover, your reviews on the official website are answered by the company itself so that trust is developed between the two.