Trapped in a loveless marriage, thirty year old Caroline Wilson moves to San Diego after her military husband earns a promotion. Feeling lost and alone Caroline strikes up a friendship with young local surfer Sebastian Hunter.

Sebastian has more than friendship on his mind when he runs into Caroline on the beach. But when sparks fly friendship turns into an illicit love that threatens them both.

The Education of Caroline

Now a successful journalist, Caroline heads out to report from the front lines of the war in Afghanistan. Love is the last thing on her mind when she crosses paths with Chief Sebastian Hunter.

Will this chance encounter reignite the erotic passion of their past?

There’s always a risk when I decide to re-read old favorites – what if they aren’t as good as the first time around? So after taking a few days to read The Education series I’m pretty happy to say that Sebastian and Caroline will always have that #1 spot as my favorite older woman/younger man romance. It’s unconventional, taboo, heartwarming yet heartbreaking and scorching hot – the perfect combination!Though I’m a fan of taboo stories, I know that a lot of this series’s content will ward off readers. What makes this taboo: Sebastian is 17 and Caroline is 30 when they first engage in a relationship and Caroline is married. And as much as I love anything that goes against the grain, Sebastian’s age gave me a jolt – I didn’t want to read about a minor in an affair! But after reading this series, I can say that this is one of the rare exceptions where I was okay with infidelity and any society rules that were broken once Sebastian and Caroline were together. There was never a doubt in my mind that these two belonged together – their story is full of anguish, depth, loss, and an unparalleled connection that Caroline never has with her husband (who’s a big jerk by the way) or Sebastian with any of his ex-girlfriends.What I loved a lot about this series is how well it spans the characters’ lives – Sebastian and Caroline first meet when she’s 21 and he’s 8 and by the time the series concludes, Caroline’s 40 and Sebastian’s 30. Again, don’t let the age difference frighten you; there’s so much more to these books than the taboo aspect. It’s hauntingly real, deeply passionate, and cleverly written – these characters (good or bad) will have you captivated and flipping the pages for more.

If you are interested in these books, then I’d recommend reading them when you can fully commit to the series and can read both books one after another! FYI, this review is for the complete book bundle that will be available on April 28: The Education of Sebastian, The Education of Caroline, bonus POV scenes from Sebastian, and extra scenes.ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I started writing contemporary romance two years ago. Before that, I didn’t think I could write a sex scene. Turns out I can! My lucky number is 13 because I was born on the 13th and live near a haunted castle by the ocean. My number one past-time is watching hot surfers get changed into (and out of) their wetsuits. My husband doesn’t read my books. My mother does.Writing is my love, my hobby, my total addiction. All my characters are important to me and whisper their stories, even when I’ve finished writing their books. That’s why you’ll often find bonus chapters/out-takes from various books, because those voices just won’t be quiet.