You don’t choose where.

 And you don’t get to choose who you fall in love with.

The minute he opened his sexy mouth, Holliday Hughes should have known Jack Dalton was trouble. His smooth pickup lines, broad shoulders, and ridiculously handsome face charmed her right out of her clothes. She gave into her desires, the instant attraction blinding her to the obvious.

One night. That was all it took for Holliday’s world to be flipped on its axis. Jack Dalton was cocky. Smug. Volatile. Demanding. He ignited something deep inside her like no other, but there was something more to this brooding bad boy. There was a dark side to him she couldn’t help but be drawn to.

Torn between what she knew about him and a mysterious side he tried to hide, could she walk away or was he simply too hard to resist?

It’s probably best to NOT read any reviews and just go into the book completely blind like I did so you can experience the full impact of everything. When you’re done come chat with me 

I know my limits when it comes to books and there is one type of book I absolutely will not read anymore. I loathe angst and try to avoid it all costs and this kind of book theme paves the way for the maximum amount of angst (and I mean more than cheating and love triangles could ever bring). What do you know…The Resistance ends up being this kind of book.

If I had known ahead of time would I have read this? NO.
But do I regret reading this? NO.
However, when I found out around 22% I was beyond pissed. Pissed that a vague blurb roped me into this kind of story I had previously vowed never to read again because of the high angst levels. The prologue and the short quotes at the beginning of each chapter made no fucking sense. Combined with a never-ending sex fest for the first 21% (which by the way I can’t stand all sex, no story) I was ready to DNF and move on.
What can I say?

I am so darn grateful I didn’t stop reading.
The writing is incredible. It’s like a Godiva chocolate I pop in my mouth and slowly savor, not wanting it to end anytime soon.
The characters are achingly real. They aren’t just words on paper; they seem to take a life form of their own and they go straight for the heart.
And most importantly and impressively (to me), the sex and the story complemented each other perfectly. I’d say a good 50% of the book was sex and that usually is a huge turnoff for me. But look closely and behind the sex, there is a story, and an extremely well-written and intricately weaved one at that.
For me, this reading experience was very atypical and personal. Nowadays, I rarely read books with this kind of theme and for me to not only read it but thoroughly enjoy it gives weight to how unique the story is. You will probably be annoyed and confused in the beginning. You’ll probably roll your eyes too. But let the book confuse you. Let the characters piss you off. Because in the end, they’ll make it up to you.

S.L. Scott is a former high-tech account manager with a journalism degree pursuing her passion for telling stories. She spends her days escaping into her characters and letting them lead her on their adventures. Live music shows, harvesting jalapenos and eating homemade guacamole are her obsessions she calls hobbies. Scott lives in the beautiful Texas hill country of Austin with her husband, two young sons, two Papillons and a bowl full of Sea Monkeys. Her novels include Naturally, Charlie, Good Vibrations, and A Prior Engagement. She welcomes your notes at